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Visit our online suppressor shop at:


This will take you into our actual online suppressor store. From there, you can purchase the suppressor, tax stamp and trust (if you want to go that route). You will then receive an email with detailed instructions what to do next. It is easier than ever to purchase a suppressor!


We can do your fingerprints here. We will contact you to set an appointment to get them done at no charge when purchasing at suppressor or SBR.


*you must check out on our silencer shop web store, it speeds up the process. If you need help, we are happy to help out and walk you through it and give any advice needed!


*this is not a check out for a free suppressor (yes people ask)


  • Pricing varies based on the suppressor. The "$0" you see here is just a blank listing, checking out here does not get you anything. Thank you.

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