Liberty's Defense Straight Jacket Thermal Attenuator




A combination of Kevlar, basalt, amorphous silica, and aluminized silica joined together with Kevlar and stainless steel thread to create the full auto rated Liberty's Defense staightJacket Thermal Attenuator, which provides absolute flame resistance and heat mitigation for direct and continuous contact with your silencer's extreme continuous temperatures up to 2,000°F and short excursions of 3,000°F.


These covers are custom made to order!


Enter in all of the information in the options. Additionally, email us at with a picture of your suppressor standing up on a flat surface with a ruler/measuring tape next to it for a precise measurement to ensure a precise size. Not required, but helpful.


*Each suppressor cover is custom made for your suppressor, so lead times can be approximately four weeks.


10” and longer suppressors add $20 to regular price.

For LE purchases contact us direct, LE pricing is available.

Liberty’s Defense Suppressor Cover

$289.00 Regular Price
$278.00Sale Price