NO NFA REQUIRED, NO TAX STAMP REQUIRED ! Licensed by SB Tactical™The MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) RONI® Stabilizer enables one-handed firing for better shooting performance. It also comes with a hook and loop fastener provides a custom fit to any user. Designed mainly for the US market only and now built in the US, The MCK RONI® Stabilizer is made with aluminum along with a polymer body made for various Glocks. The MCK RONI® features a folding mechanism for a sturdier position and equipped with an adjustable nylon brace.  New upgrades for the CAA MCK GEN 2-Fits G19,17,22,23,19x,45,25,31,32 all in one model. -Extended stabilizer brace. -New updated slimmer stabilizer. -Accommodates suppressor sights. -Better charging handle contact to slide.-Aluminum picatinny rail. -Spare magazine release button. -Suppressor friendly up to 1.38”. -Fire with stabilizer folded. → Equipped with a right-folding extended stabilizing brace.→ No pistol disassembly required – Just place into the kit and lock.→ Provides a long Picatinny rail – Allows combining two devices.→ Gives two extra right and left Picatinny rails for mounting additional accessories.→ Ambidextrous, easy and fast charging handle that is now built into the MCK.→ Ambidextrous trigger-guard safety.→ Front integral tactical light (Not Included).→ Front and Rear Flip up sights (Not Included).→ Forward magazine storage.→ Exposed slide release for easier manipulation.→ Advanced Kit not included, but available. MCK RONI STABILIZER FITS:GLOCK - Now one model will fit the Glock:• G17 GEN 3-5• G19 GEN 3-5• G19X GEN 3-5• G22 GEN 3-5• G23 GEN 3-5• G25 GEN 3-5 • G31 GEN 3-5 • G32 GEN 3-5• G45 GEN 5 Not compatible with compensated "C" models!***Glock in picture not included.*Glock is a registered trademark of Glock, INC.

CAA MCK Gen 2 (Roni)

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