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This is the 4th annual FU Meet Range Weekend.

We have been hosting this event for four years now, and the last three of them at the northern Ohio tactical training center. This year we are expanding it from our private group to everyone!

This is going to be a weekend of camaraderie, fun, guns, and training .

Each person will have the opportunity to shoot at the private range, tour, the shoot house, participate in some competitions, attend a Night Visions, demo, attend training, and then wrap the weekend up on Saturday night at a group dinner .

MAY 12 & 13

- Friday is the meet and greet, with staggered arrival from 12p-4p.

- Friday will run some fun competitions, tour the facility, and run some drillls.

- Friday evening we will do a night vision demo and shoot.

-Saturday we will start at 8a, and have two 4hr blocks of training: we are offering Red Dot, Rifle, Room clearing and tactical medical training. (In the notes when selecting this event, please list the courses in order from most interested on down.)

- Classes and Training Cadre as of now is:

** We have room in our medical and carbine courses (red dot and room clearing are booked) *


• RED DOT w/ Russ Lyons (SWAT retired & MSP instructor) and Dave Carpenter (SWAT Instructor)

• ROOM CLEARING / CQB w/ Ryan Jasinsky (SEAL)

• CARBINE w/ Eric Schubert


- Saturday evening we will all meet back at the hotel in Avon for a fun dinner and giveaways !

If you are out of town, or just want to stay, we have a block or rooms at the Wyndham Hotel in Avon.

Just mention “tri-lateral training group” for the fixed group rate. You can book by calling 440-695-1270 or use this link:

2023 FU Meet Range Weekend ( May 12 & 13)

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